When: October 26th, 2020
Where: Online

This class runs on October 26 & October 28 from 6-9 p.m. The fee is $50. You must attend both sessions to receive credit for the course.

Upon completing the NCCP Planning a Practice module, you will gain the skills to:

  • Organize a well-structured practice plan with safe, age-appropriate activities you’ve designed to match the proficiency level of participants;
  • Identify potential risk factors that could impact the sport and practice activities;
  • Create an emergency action plan;
  • Identify practice goals and design activities that offer the best training benefits for the athletic skills required in your sport.

To register please go to either our website or sign into the Locker and go to Calendar. You can also register for online courses in other provinces if you would like. Just click all provinces in the Locker Calendar to see the options.

For Ontario Coaches please register for courses by going to the Coaches Association of Ontario website.