When: February 23rd, 2020
Where: Sport Manitoba -Room 8, 145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg, MB

This is a Competition Development course. Please bring a lunch and prepare to work throughout the day.

After taking the NCCP Developing Athletic Abilities module you will be able to:

  • Be able to implement general and sport-specific training protocols and methods to effectively develop or maintain the athletic abilities necessary for your sport;
  • Know how to apply training principles and variables to training methods that build fitness, endurance, strength, speed and sport-specific conditioning;
  • Be able to select and adapt testing and training protocols and methods for athletes training from 6 – 9 to 9 – 12 times per week.

There is an Excel document to support this workshop. Coaches MUST download and bring it with them to the workshop. Coaches also MUST bring an electronic device to the workshop with their charging cables to use during the course.