When: March 15th, 2020
Where: Online

This is a 4 hour Competition Introduction multi-sport course. Due to the online facilitation, please block off 4.5 hours to complete the course.

This Make Ethical Decisions module is a live, Facilitator led, interactive group based course offered ONLINE. THIS IS NOT A WEBINAR YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMMUNICATE WITH OTHER PARTICIPANTS

By successfully completing the Make Ethical Decisions workshop you will be fully equipped to handle virtually any ethical situation with confidence and surety. MED is one of the NCCP’s cornerstone workshops, and leaves coaches with no doubt as to what to do when the going gets tough.


  • You have a headset with speakers, or have a built in microphone and speakers, for your computer
  • You have access to high speed internet
  • You have a dedicated quiet space for the duration of the workshop
  • You do not have anyone else in the course participating from the same room as you
  • Tablet and cell phones will NOT work
  • You must attend the full duration of the workshop to receive credit for the module
  • You have your materials on hand for the course

For any further question you can email Hailey in the Sport Manitoba Coaching Office at hailey.unger@sportmanitoba.ca

**These courses are open to all Manitoba Residents aged 16 years and older. If you are currently residing in another Province or Territory please contact your local NCCP Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives (PTCRs) to get approval before registering. **


**Please note: If course cannot reach minimum registration, it may be cancelled and all participants will receive a full refund**

Registration closes on March 12th – LATE REGISTRATION IS NOT POSSIBLE.