By Neal Prokop, Sport Performance Specialist

As you master the standing pallof press, try adding a bit of movement to challenge your body, or work your way to the ground to become less stationary. These progressions and adjustments will refresh the exercise and ensure you’re making the most of this anti-rotation essential!


#1 – Pallof Press Circles



#2 – Pallof Press Side Shuffle



#3 – Pallof Press ABC’s



#4 – Pallof Press to Torso Rotation



#5 – Pallof Press to Overhead Hold



#6 – ½ Kneeling Pallof Press (Inside Knee Down)



#7 – ½ Kneeling Pallof Press (Outside Knee Down)



#8 – Kneeling Pallof Press



#9 – Kneeling Pallof Press Circles



Try including these anti-rotational exercises in your next workout, you’ll be surprised how challenging they can be! For questions and support, always reach out to


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