No Ref No Game

The Manitoba Action Plan for Sport (MAPS) is a five-year strategic plan outlining focus areas for funding, development, and sustainability of sport programs. Sport Manitoba began this process in 1999 to ensure a collective vision and common goals for the entire sport community in Manitoba. In the 2020-2025 plan, the focus areas are Athlete Development, Sport Culture, and Value of Sport and one of the key threads within all three areas is the recruitment, training, mentorship, and retention of officials.

Sport Manitoba is bringing True Sport to life by developing plans that foster fair, safe, inclusive, and fun sport experiences to instill character in our kids, strengthen our communities, and increase opportunities for personal excellence. Without referees, officials, and umpires, there would be no games.

The #NoRefNoGame campaign was developed alongside a workshop hosted by Sport Manitoba that was attended by more than 60 sport officials in the fall of 2019. Supported by Canada Games Legacy Funding, the workshop explored how a collaborative commitment to bringing the True Sport Principles to life could help to address the declining participation of officials due to increasing incidents of maltreatment.


#NoRefNoGame features personal stories from Manitoba officials sharing what it’s like to be behind the call. See the stories and campaign materials on our website, and on True Sport’s website and at @sportmanitoba and @TrueSportpur on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The goal of the campaign is to generate awareness, support and ultimately change how sport officials are treated.

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