Open Team Nomination

Members of a team must put aside personal prominence for the efficiency and greatness of the whole.  The Open Team of the Year Award serves to recognize and celebrate the cooperative effort put forth by members of a team pursuing common goals and achieving greatness. 

Nominations are accepted from Provincial Sport Organizations only.  Individuals, Recreation Directors, and sports media are encouraged to contact their PSO directly with suggested nominations.  The PSO must endorse the nomination.


  • Athletes must be born or raised in Manitoba.
  • Team must have competed in as an Open Team as recognized by their National Sport Federation and/or International Federation.
  • Nominations should be based upon accomplishments between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. Information from previous years will not be considered.
  • For the purpose of this award, a “team” is considered two or more people competing simultaneously as a single entity for one purpose. For this award, only the athletes of the team will be recognized.  Coaches and team support staff are eligible for nomination for the Volunteer of the Year Award and the Sport Manitoba Coaching Awards.
  • The Selection Committee makes its decision based solely on the information you provide. Please assist the committee by ensuring that the nomination is accurate, succinct and complete.

*This form cannot be saved so please complete it in one sitting.  Any additional information or documents for any questions can be emailed to

*Please also send photos of the nominee (preferably action shots) to