12-week program: March 26 - June 14, 2019

The Canada Games Sport for Life Centre Performance Run program is Winnipeg’s newest and most comprehensive running program for individuals looking to learn to run safely with efficiency and to improve their race times. This program includes a personal pre-assessment with a physiotherapist, weekly group running sessions led by a certified run coach, and 24 strength training sessions tailored to runners.

Is this program for me?

Whether you are running your first 5K or attempting to beat your personal best in the half or full marathon, our program and team of running coaches and performance specialists will keep you motivated and focused towards achieving your goals while reducing your risk of injury. 

What does the performance run program include?

Your performance team includes a physiotherapist, a sport performance specialist, and a certified run coach. Your team works collaboratively to reduce your risk of injury and personalizes your program to ensure you are as successful as possible! 

1. Physical Assessment - Physiotherapist

Our Performance Run program includes a physical assessment with one of our Sport Medicine Clinic physical therapists as a prerequisite to starting the Performance Run program. This assessment involves a detailed injury history, activity history, and a full physical assessment. The assessment cost is $130 in addition to the program registration fee and will be billed separately at the time of the assessment. This gives you the opportunity to bill your assessment to any secondary insurance you may have. Insurance details can be found here. Once you have registered for our program, please contact our medicine clinic directly to schedule your assessment. Please let them know that you have registered for the Performance Run program. Your assessment must be completed by March 19.

2. Customized Conditioning - Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Using your physical assessment results, our Sport Performance Specialists will design a customized strength and conditioning program to meet your specific needs. Your program includes 24 strength and conditioning sessions led by Jordan Koroll. Jordan will keep you motivated and on the road to success.

We have a set schedule for your strength & conditioning sessions. Should registration fill up, we will add more options and provide you the opportunity to switch sessions.

Tuesdays/Thursdays - Strength & Conditioning 6:15 a.m.
Wednesdays - Run Session 6:15 a.m.

3. Guided Run Program - Certified Run Coach

To maximize your results your run program includes a weekly group run session with certified running coach Sheldon Reynolds (12 total). This includes access to our brand-new 160-metre Mondo track for indoor running sessions. Sheldon will also take you outdoors on pre-determined routes customized to your distance to explore the neighbourhood and get you used to running outside. Sheldon has an amazing resume and the best attitude. If anyone can make running's Sheldon! Ask him all of your running questions and get advice from one of the best! 

What is my investment?

You will need to commit to three days of training with us. Sheldon will also recommend additional solo runs depending on your assessment results and your goals. Your trainer or physiotherapist may also recommend additional activities to complete on your own. Your financial investment is $449 + your physical therapy assessment is $130 - which you may be able to bill some or all to your private physiotherapy insurance coverage.

How can I apply this training long-term?

Have you ever wanted to test out your skills on the track, or maybe even take distance running off-road? Perhaps you want to train for distance races well into the fall. By taking out an Athletics Manitoba membership, you will get exclusive access to a full calendar of track and field, cross-country, and road racing events. Additionally, as a participant in the Performance Run course you will receive two free race entries to our outdoor provincial track and field championships (June 21-22nd)!

Athletics Manitoba memberships are $78.75 and include a free membership to the Manitoba Runners Association (MRA). For more information on the additional benefits and opportunities of registering, please contact

Limited space available. Book now to guarantee your spot!  

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