By Sam Cortes, Communications Coordinator

There are lots of training methods you can utilize to improve your fitness, and plyometric training is one of them. 

Incorporating plyometric exercises to your workouts will help you develop power, which is important to perform functional movements and overall athletic success.

What is Plyometrics Training?

Plyometrics training is a method of developing explosive power. Proper function of active muscles and the speed at which muscular forces are used play a key role when you perform activities, such as jumping, throwing, swimming, cycling, and running. 

When you perform a plyometric exercise, your active muscles act like a spring that goes through a stretch-shortening cycle in order to develop power.

Plyometric training includes a variety of exercises you can perform, depending on the muscle groups you want to target. 

Try these upper and lower body plyometric exercises:

1. Jumping Step-Ups

This jumping step-up variation will help you improve lower body power by activating primarily your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

2. Squat Jumps

This exercise is a great option to develop lower body power in a fun and challenging way. Be mindful of a proper landing position. (Land on both feet in a half squat position).

3. Push-Ups

This plyometric push-up variation will assist with upper body power development and core stability.

4. Wall-Ball Chest Throw – Single Leg

Wall-ball throws are helpful movements that you can perform when aiming to develop upper body power.