By Neal Prokop, Sport Performance Specialist

Carries train the lower and upper back, legs, shoulders and stabilizing muscles of the core. They challenge a variety of muscles and require head-to-toe tension, often a pre-requisite for explosive performance. They also improve a weak-spot for most developing athletes.. grip strength!

Here are six carries that you can try mixing into your workout!  Even if Jeff makes them look easy . . . trust me, they’re not!!


#1 – KB Bottoms Up 90/90 Carry



#2 – KB Front Rack Carry



#3 – Trap Bar Farmers Carry



#4 – DB Farmers Carry



#5 – DB Suitcase Carry



#6 – BB Suitcase Carry



Try including these carries in your next workout. You’ll be surprised how challenging it can be to maintain moving in a straight line. For questions and support, always reach out to


Stay healthy and happy training!

Your Performance Team