By Neal Prokop, Sport Performance Specialist

Athletes need to load and explode, in multiple directions, and multiple times during competition. Being able to move quickly and forcefully takes time and progression. Athletes need to be able to stick their landing and maintain good alignment as they work towards more difficult movements and exercises. Below, are six examples of various single leg plyometric drills to work towards. The later exercises are extremely difficult, but shows where you’ll get to as an athlete!

For more information about progressing these types of plyometrics, be sure to check out Jeff’s article below;

Jumping (and Landing) Into Plyometrics – A Progression to Power


Six Single Leg Plyometric Drills to Progress Towards


Single Leg Snapdown



Single Leg Hurdle Hop (Stick Landing)



Single Leg Squat Hold:Jump:Hold:Lateral Skaters Bound



Single Leg Lateral Low Hurdle Hops



Snapdown to Boxjump with Single Leg Landing



½ Kneeling Single Leg Jump to Box Jump with Single Leg Landing



Single Leg Hurdle Hop to Single Leg Box Jump



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