Manitoba Games Speed Skating


Speed Skating : brand new to the community

By: Keyanna B. Ouellette

The 2018 Manitoba Games powered by Manitoba Hydro was the first time our youth and community were able to experience live speed skating. Hunter Ullett of Team Winnipeg Blue, and AJ Seldon from Team East were excited to explain their sport to someone new. The boys manager from Winnipeg Gold helped out with the explanation, therefore i could fully understand the sport. 

“It has been fun to be able to travel with the team” explained Teun Keijzer from Team Winnipeg-Gold.

“It is fun to hang out and be with our friends,” said Hunter Ullett of Team Winnipeg-Blue. The boys travelled with their teams and compete monthly against each other, yet it was fun for them to be able to hang out and be together outside of the rink.

The overall vibe from the community is that they’re excited to try speed skating this weekend at the free coach-led clinic: 9a.m. - 11 a.m. at the C.A. Nesbitt Arena. Hopefully it can be a new sport for our youth and they can experience events like the athletes have this week.

Watching the event was really fascinating because it was new in our community and something we can look forward to in our future. The energy in the arena was high, and full of loud, cheering fans supporting the athletes from across the province. What a great event to see!

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