Sport Manitoba Training Days


Sport Manitoba Training Days

Sport Manitoba Training Days are inclusive sport development days that unite coach education and training sessions, athlete testing combines, sport showcases, keynote speakers, and so much more into one full day, or weekend of activities. Training Days are open to athletes aged 12+, coaches, team management staff/volunteers, and parents.

Coach education workshops are designed for all types of coaches and reinforce the values of lifelong learning and sharing amongst the coaching community.

Combines are open to athletes aged 12+ from any sport wanting to challenge themselves in an environment similar to fitness testing they will encounter as they progress to club, Provincial, University/College, or National teams. More information

Training days include seminars for parents on the importance of strength and conditioning training for their athletes including: injury prevention, muscle balance and symmetry, increasing athletic potential, physical literacy, and choosing a strength coach for their kids.

We also provide grant assistance, strength training, sport development, and coach education resources for athletes and their parents, coaches, and teams.

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