Sport Med Blog: Radiology and Renovations

By Rickie Walkden, BMR (PT)
Clinic Director

Exciting times in our Sport Medicine Clinic! On Monday, May 6 we added a radiology service, meaning our patients will now be able to have x-rays done on injuries, just as they would at any hospital or clinic in the city.

This has been a long time coming. We applied to get our license four years ago, but adding radiology to our clinic was a goal I had back when I started with Sport Manitoba in 2011. And it has finally come to fruition!

Radiology really rounds out the services that we offer. You can see our physician, therapists, chiropractor, concussion care and more.X-ray

It’s also an opportunity for us to serve the surrounding community. If you work downtown, you can come on your lunch break instead of having to take a day off work.

Jackie Cadorath is our new x-ray tech. Jackie, welcome to the team!

And remember, you don’t make an appointment to get an x-ray. You will get a referral from a doctor if you need one. 


Our clinic has also undergone some pretty extensive renovations lately. Since we wanted to expand our services, we needed more space to make that possible. So we’ve doubled the size of the clinic! You’ll notice our lobby is now a lot bigger. Many of our patients often come to their appointments with family members, so we wanted to make sure these folks all have a place to sit.Lobby

In the near future, we’ll be adding two more physician exam rooms. We’re also looking at bringing on additional physician services. 

And finally, we’ll be hiring a massage therapist very soon.

That’s it for now. Be sure to check out our new look next time you’re in the building!

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