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President's Office

Jeff Hnatiuk President & Chief Executive Officer, 204-925-5788, Email

Sheri Barnes Executive Assistant/Human Resources, 204-925-5604Email

Finance & Operations

Laurel Read Director, Finance & Operations, 204-925-5615, Email

Barb Smith Finance Officer, 204-925-5645, Email

Brenda Soares Accounting Assistant, 204-925-5616, Email

Brenda Wiwcharyk Grants Officer, 204-925-5611, Email

Carrie Marsh Digital Designer, 204-925-5796, Email

Dana MacIver Payroll/Accounting Administrator, 204-925-5617, Email

Kim Sawatzky Production Coordinator & Digital Designer, 204-925-5795, Email

Jaclyn Pauls Senior Manager, Finance, 204-925-5915 Email

Mike Shaver Information Systems Specialist, 204-925-5620, Email

Monica Lambier Staff Accountant, 204-925-5613, Email

Liz Singayan Accounting Administrator, 204-925-5794, Email

Pat Riffel Sport Manitoba Receptionist, 204-925-5600, Email

Travis Vandenbrand Facility  and Centre Operations Manager, 204-925-5776, Email

Ying Mak Maintenance , 204-925-5600, Email

Kane Kelly Operations Assistant, 204-925-5605, Email

Richard Young Building Engineer, 204-451-0360, Email


Amanda Daurie Regional Sport Development Officer - Winnipeg, 204-925-5907, Email

Amy Gabler Regional Sport Development Officer - West, 204-720-0172, Email

Christine Hoenisch KidSport Coordinator - Winnipeg, 204-925-5922, Email

Gena Cook Coaching Administrator, 204-925-5692, Email 

Valarie Adamson Fitness Centre Manager, 204-925-5931 Email

Greg Guenther Senior Manager, Sport Development, 204-925-5695, Email

Hailey Unger Coach Education Coordinator, 204-925-5913, Email

Iris Murray Regional Sport Development Officer - North, 204-679-6550, Email

Jacqueline Mazur Coach/Athlete Development Coordinator - South, 204-229-2673, Email

Dean Lowrie Coach/Athlete Development Coordinator - West, 204-720-8066, Email

Janet McMahon Director of Sport, 204-926-8350Email

Jeff Wood Sport Performance Specialist, 204-925-5751Email

Kylo Harris Community Development Manager, 204-470-7448, Email

Leanne Traynor Regional Sport Development Officer - South, 204-362-0452, Email

Marcie Halls-Stronciski Games Specialist, 204-925-5910, Email

Neal Prokop Sport Performance Specialist, 204-925-5680, Email

Patrick Kirby Senior Manager Games, 204-926-8353, Email

Pete Conway Games Specialist, 204-925-5652, Email

Kelly Babb Games Specialist, 204-925-5722, Email

Shannon Schade Regional Sport Development Officer - East, 204-268-0153, Email

Susan Lamboo Coaching Manager, 204-925-5669, Email

Susan Stastook Administrative Assistant, 204-925-5612, Email 


Amanda Wilks, Events Specialist, 204-925-5603, Email

Evan Andrew, Director of Brand & Revenue, 204-925-5606, Email

Rick Brownlee, Sport Heritage Manager, 204-925-5736, Email

Sam Cortes, Communications Coordinator, 204-925-5614, Email

Amber Doyle, Marketing Coordinator, 204-925-5735, Email

Nolan Kowal, Digital Media Specialist, 204-925-5906, Email

Steven Gzebb, Community Coordinator, 204-925-5609, Email

Sport Medicine Clinic

The Sport Medicine Clinic combines physician services, physical therapy, chiropractic services, functional movement screens, massage, nutrition, and sports psychology in one central location.  Click here to see the team.

Fitness Centre

The Canada Games Sport for Life Fitness Centre is a brand new state-of-the-art gym featuring top of the line strength and cardio equipment, a three-lane 160m track, court space and studio spaces for spin, yoga and more. Located on the top floor of the Qualico Training Centre, the Fitness Centre offers memberships and programming to Manitobans including fitness, spin and yoga classes, personal training services, corporate classes, specialty programs and workshops…click here to meet the team.


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