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Team Manitoba Names Mission Staff for 2019 Western Canada Summer Games in Swift Current

In what will be their second games in a calendar year, Team Manitoba has officially announced the group of Mission Staff who will help guide the athletes, coaches and managers chosen to represent Team Toba at the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games in Swift Current.

Led by Chef de Mission Pat Kirby, and assistant Chefs Kylo Harris and Susan Lamboo, the mission Staff is made up of 22 individuals assigned to various duties including sport, medical, communications, logistics, and managing the Team Toba office.

The group will be meeting later this month, and are already working hard to prepare the team to for another great showing at the Western Canada Summer Games!

Games Staff

Pat Kirby: Chef de Mission

Kylo Harris: Assistant Chef de Mission

Susan Lamboo: Assistant Chef de Mission

Kelly Babb: Female Soccer (Week 1)

Core Mission Staff

Sarah Tone: Media/Communications - Lead

Kieran Moolchan: Media/Communications

Jordan Koroll: Medical Liason

Sport Mission Staff

Tiffany Peape: Female Basketball (Week 1), 

Terry Skarban: Male Basketball (Week 1), Rowing (Week 2)

Sarah Mitchell: Canoe/Kayak (Week 1), Diving (Week 2)

Trevor Ketler: Cycling (Week 1), Triathlon (Week 2)

Kelly Chambers: Male Soccer (Week 1)

Marcie Halls-Stronciski: Female Softball (Week 1)

Scott Kirk: Swimming (Week 1)

Pat Alexander: Beach Volleyball (Week 1), Male Volleyball (Week 2)

Bryce Koscielny: Athletics (Week 2)

Glen Hunter: Baseball (Week 2)

Adam Naylor: Golf (Week 2)

Pete Conway: Female Volleyball (Week 2)

Maxine Wells: Tennis (Week 2)

Alanna Stein: Wrestling (Week 2)

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