Canada Games Speed Skating Coaches Custom Made Skates are Changing the Game

speed skating coaches and mission staffFormer Canadian National Speed Skating team member Scott Van Horne was on the hunt for a better, stiffer, lighter, more comfortable skate boot, and with his background in science and biomechanics, he molded and tested for 25+ years to create his own.

Van Horne got together with friend and fellow speed skater Tyler Williamson Derraugh about 10 years ago to really push this idea into the marketplace. The pair started off making their boots in Calgary, in Van Horne’s basement in 2014, and then moved the operation to Winnipeg in 2010. They manufacture the boots in a warehouse in Winnipeg just off Sterling Lyon Parkway.

Made of carbon fibre and leather, the custom-made, TRUE Speed Skates are an incredible service to have in Canada. Whether the guys are travelling to Calgary to coach or train with their athletes, or are working with new clients at home in Winnipeg, they can scan the skaters’ feet, make a mold, and then bring that back to Winnipeg to craft the boots. Each pair is handmade for best fit, performance, and speed.

With Van Horne as Team Manitoba’s 2019 Canada Games male speed skating team manager and Williamson Derraugh behind the bench as head coach, the team couldn’t have been in better hands - or skates!

tyson, tyler, alexaTeam Manitoba's speed skating team cleaned up in long track races.  Winnipeg's Tyson Langelaar won four gold medals and one silver medal, and in one of his gold medal races set a new Canada Games record in the 1000m male long track event with a time of 1:12:79.

Clandeboye's Alexa Scott brought home three medals and set two new Canada Games records in the 1000m female long track race (1:22:26) and in the 3000m race (4:33:83)


Scott holds both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters in Biomechanics from the University of Calgary. Scott’s thesis on the biomechanics of the skating push was published in the International Journal of Applied Biomechanics. He’s now designing skates for elite athletes and NHL players alike.

Tyler WIlliamson Derraugh is a former Speed Skating World Championship participant and international competitor in short track, Tyler earned a silver medal at the FISU Games before switching to long track where he achieved multiple top 5 finishes on the World Cup circuit.

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