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Mission Staff

The role of Mission Staff- Sport Liaison is to support Team Manitoba and the individual sport team(s) to which they are assigned. Mission Staff are the primary link between all components of the Games' and the key contacts for the sports leading up to, during and immediately following the games. Below is our Mission Staff team for the 2019 Canada Winter Games in Red Deer, Alberta:

Games Staff

Marcie Halls-Stronciski: Chef de Mission

Pete Conway: Assistant Chef de Mission

Patrick Kirby: GM/Logistics

Val Pelleck: Office Manager

Core Mission Staff

Sarah Tone: Media/Communications - Lead

Nolan Kowal: Media/Communications (Week 1)

Jessica Alcantara: Media/Communication (Week 2) 

Mandy Los: Medical Liason

Sport Mission Staff

Connie Laliberte: Curling (Week 2)

Lin-Ping Choo-Smith: Biathlon (Week 1), Judo (Week 2)

Stephen Younger: Boxing (Week 1), Squash (Week 2)

Andriana Demchuk: Freestyle Skiing (Week 1), Cross Country Skiing (Week 2)

Luc Therrien: Gymnastics - Artistic (Week 1), Badminton (Week 2)

Bernie Reichardt: Male Hockey (Week 1)

Dustin Stewart: Female Hockey (Week 2)

Kyla Ray: Ringette (Week 1), Gymastics - Trampoline (Week 2)

Bill Gendron: Speed Skating (Week 1), Alpine Skiing (Week 2)

Debbie Schween: Synchronized Swimming (Week 1), Figure Skating (Week 2)

Ryan Van Berkel: Table Tennis (Week 1), Archery (Week 2)

Tara Funke: Wheelchair Basketball (Week 1), Snowboarding (Week 2)



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