No sibling rivalry here: Meet the Goldsztein twins vying to play for Team Toba at the 2019 WCSG

The Goldsztein family is used to running to different soccer pitches in opposite directions on the same night. At the end of the day they have double the fun listening to highlights and game recaps because twins Camila and Mateo have a shared passion for the game.

That love of soccer motivated this brother and sister duo to try out for Team Manitoba and the opportunity to represent their province at the Western Canada Summer Games in Swift Current. They hope their determination will pay off so that they can wear Bison colours this summer.

When asked why they committed themselves to soccer, the 15-year-olds explained that their parents came from South America and passed the interest on to them.Camilla Goldsztein

Camila pointed out she began kicking the ball quite young in the Timbits program, then ultimately joined a U11 club team and now plays as a striker for the St. Charles Force.

Mateo's path was slightly different as he was initially drawn to flag-football. He says it took a bit of a push to switch to soccer and now there's no looking back. He is at home on the pitch playing center-mid on the U17 squad of Winnipeg S.E. United. 

The twins point out they are much like all of the other teens vying for a spot on the provincial team. Working out three to four times a week either with their club teams or on their own. The difference is when they are at home they have someone to talk to. They both believe sharing experiences like this is the best part of having a twin.

"It could be going to driver's-ed, exams at school, or try-outs, it doesn't matter, you always have a partner," Mateo said.

The two do have some similarities when you get to know them. They both want to continue with soccer and hope to earn a scholarship to university or college. Another "twinism" they share is prior to a big match, they both like to listen to music and spend time visualizing. The difference may be that Mateo insists on putting his left cleat on first! When we asked Camila to describe Mateo as a player she explained that his strengths are: distributing the ball, and transitioning from an attack to defensive play. When the shoe is on the other foot Mateo describes Camila as super fast, aggressive. and a real Mateo Goldszteinplaymaker.

The Goldsztein siblings also say that they are not actually that competitive with each other and instead choose to support each other through it all. So far that is working out quite well.

Camila said the female team travelled to Saskatoon where the players really got to know each other on and off the field, while Mateo went further west to Vancouver and Seattle with the male squad. He said it's been a good learning experience with the provincial line-up and is looking forward to seeing how they do in a few months time. 

Before you see the Goldsztein twins in any yellow uniforms however, you may find them at Investors Group Field as they are also very excited to be cheering on Valour FC. But they hope they will be the ones being cheered on by mom and dad and the rest of us in Swift Current in August.

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