Past Games

Team Manitoba Results:

Held every two years since 1967, alternating between summer and winter, the Canada Games are a key event in the development of Canada’s young athletes. As the best in their age group, these young competitors come to the Games having trained long and hard to be among those chosen to represent their respective province or territory. With the Canada Games poised as a key step in the development of Canada’s future stars, Canada Games athletes are Canada’s next generation national, international and Olympic champions.

Results from the very first Canada Games: 1967 Winter- Quebec City, QC


Check out Team Manitoba's very own Tyler Mislawchuck who is preparing to compete in Japan representing Canada at t… https://t.co/sfjUf9NMnM
Check out Team Manitoba Alumni Austin Taylor! Austin is only 19-years-old, making him the youngest… https://t.co/C1P68YpSa6


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