Trampoline expands to include more events - a first for the CWG

trampolineGymnastics in Canada is branched into three categories: Artistic, Rhythmic, and Trampoline.  Artistic is usually the genre most people are familiar with, with disciplines such as vault, floor even and uneven bar and so on. Rhythmic and Trampoline however have their own loyal followers and Trampoline is making great strides and getting its due since being introduced in the Olympics in 2000.

At the Canada Games level, Trampoline made its first appearance in 2015.  The success of Canadian athletes Karen Cockburn, Mathieu Turgeon, and most recently Rosie MacLennan, have encouraged so many other young Canadians to pursue the sport.

Trampoline is composed of 3 disciplines. Trampoline which includes, individual male and female, mixed team (top male and female after individual events), and synchronized trampoline, as well as double mini trampoline and tumbling.

The 2015 Canada Games in Prince George introduced trampoline men’s, women’s and mixed only.  This year in Red Deer, synchronized trampoline will be on display for the first time giving even more young Canadian athletes the opportunity to compete in this sport.  It’s really amazing how high these athletes can fly and can control themselves on the trampolines…this isn’t like jumping on your rickety backyard trampoline!

Competing for Manitoba are female athletes Lauren Hawkins and Raina Gertly.  Our male athletes are Isaiah Klassen and Tyler Champagne.

Individual competition takes place on Monday February 25, team competition follows on Tuesday February 26, and synchronized closes out this event on Thursday February 28. Trampoline will be on display at the Collicutt Centre in Red Deer and we are looking forward to great feats from all competitors.

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