Twin curlers take on ice Wednesday at 2019 Canada Winter Games

curling twins team tobaOnce the twin brothers shared a bedroom together, now the Team Manitoba curlers share the love for the game together.

The somewhat-inseparable duo from Winnipeg-area, Adam and Sean Flatt are 18. They hang out together, learn from each other and curl together.

The two are on the same team, which helps while on the ice, given that they know each other so well.

“You kind of pick up his tendencies and what he will do at certain points whether he is having a good game or a bad game and knowing that really helps me being able to support him,” said Adam, of his brother Sean, Wednesday afternoon.

Team Manitoba has three sets of twins competing at the 2019 Canada Winter Games. The two others are alpine ski twins Karly and Jared Friesen and women’s hockey twins Alex and Paige McArthur.

In all there are 11 sets of twins participating in the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

The Manitoba curling team was scheduled to play Team Ontario in a round robin Wednesday evening at the 2019 Canada Winter Games. The twins will compete in other round robins this week with the hope to make it to the playoffs.

The two are feeling comfortable at the Games.

They also take comfort in each other on the ice, knowing they have each others backs in the team sport.

“It’s really comforting to have somebody you know and somebody that’s really family to you and Sean and I are really close,” added Adam.

The fraternal twins have been enjoying meeting athletes from across the country as well as watching them in action. Adam has been interested in watching how the players communicate each other as a team, while Sean has been watching the players’ techniques.

“Especially sliding because everyone has their own way of doing it and it’s interesting to see what works for others,” said Sean Wednesday.

The twins have a friendly competition between them, but always remember they’re on the same team.

The two got into curling when they were about nine. Both mom and dad, who curled recreationally, wanted the two boys to get into a sport.


story shared from the Red Deer Advocate : https://www.reddeeradvocate.com/sports/twin-curlers-take-on-ice-wednesday-at-2019-canada-winter-games/

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