Wheelchair Basketball’s Favourite Things

Team Manitoba’s nine-player wheelchair basketball squad is a young, co-ed team that includes a wide range of ages and abilities.Wheelchair basketball is an inclusive sport at the Canada Games, as both athletes with a disability and able-bodied athletes compete together on a level playing field.

With so many neat, new experiences to take in this week, we asked the team about their favourite things about the Games. Here’s what they had to say:

Favourite breakfast food:

Bacon and pancakes

Favourite uniform piece from another province/territory:

Team Newfoundland & Labrador’s furry flip hats and the host Team Alberta’s ski pants

Favourite pin:

The team has been busy trading pins and the most sought after ones according to Spencer and Thomas are: the multi pin lumberjack from Team New Brunswick, the puzzle pieces from the NWT and of course, Team Toba’s toque pin.

Favourite hang out spot:

The pool tables in the athletes’ lounge

Sports to watch this week:

The team is happy to support the Herd wherever they are, but is most excited to watch boxing, hockey, and gymnastics.

Favourite noisemakers:

Cowbells and drums! #GoToba

Advice for week two teams:

Pin trading tip: trade your Manitoba pins early for Waskasoo pins as they are good for swaps. Also hold on to one of your toque pins!


Meet the wheelchair basketball team!

Wheelchair Basketball Team#4 Josh Brown

#5 Bernard Rosello

#6 Emma Isaacs

#8 Bethany Johnson

#9 Thomas Thevenot

#10 Teo Roy Class

#12 Spencer Lambert

#13 Rylan Bileski

#14 Matthew Wilton

Head Coach
Jarrett Yaworski

Assistant Coach
Chantelle Horel

Team Manager
Dave Bileski

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