By Neal Prokop, Sport Performance Specialist

Well, it is that time of year where we give you one of the most challenging training sessions of the year, The 12 Days of Christmas. Every year we challenge our athletes to come to the Performance Centre and give this one their best effort and see how their training efforts through the year have paid off with a great time for this workout. Unfortunately, this year we are not able to get together to do that because of the pandemic but that won’t stop us from giving you something to challenge yourself over the holidays.

So, here it is, the home gym edition of the 12 Days of Christmas workout. The training is session is just like the song, it starts on the 1st day with 1 repetition and then you go to the 2nd day and then back to the 1st and then the 3rd day, 2nd day, 1st day and so on until you get up to 12 and then bring it all the way down to 1.

Equipment Required:

A weight of some sort: Dumbbell, Kettlebell, back pack or duffle bag filled with books, water jug filled with water, etc.
A chin up bar for pull ups would be great but if you don’t have that, a bed sheet with a knot tied in the middle of it and secured at the top of a closed door so you can do inverted rows will do the trick.
Slider discs or a towel under your feet on a smooth floor or plastic/card board under your feet on carpet for the Body Saw exercise.

Get a stopwatch out and record your time. Let us know how you did by taking a picture of yourself at the end of the workout along with your time and tag us @sportmanitoba with the hashtag #smbperformance12daysofChristmas

On the first day of Christmas, my strength coach gave to me:

1. Turkish Get Up (per side)

2. Pull Ups

3. Lateral to Broad Jumps (per side)

4. Plank Hold (RKC style) 10s hold/5s rest

5. True Puusshh Uuuppss

6. Skaters Squatting (per side)

7. Swimmers Swimming

8. Lunges Leaping

9. Side Plank Hold (3s hold, alternating sides)

10. Thrusters Thrusting

11. Step Stepping (Up)

12. Squat Jumping