By Neal Prokop, Sport Performance Specialist

Every year, Sport Manitoba Performance designs a spook-tacular workout for Team Manitoba athletes to complete in the week leading up to Halloween.  Have a great week!


Werewolf Warm-Up (Of Choice)



A1. Zombie Zerchers (Split Squat)

           (3×8 each side @ 2-2-2 tempo)



A2. Pumpkin Twists (MB Russian Twists)

           (3×10 each side @ 2-sec movements)



A3. Flying Bats (TRX Reverse Flies)

           (3×8 each side @ 3-1-1 tempo)



B1. Deadly Deadlifts (BB)

           (3×8 each side @ 2-1-2 tempo)



B2. Werewolf Walkouts (Reverse Plank)

           (3×8 each side @ 5 sec hold at bottom)



B3. Pass the Potions

           (3×8 each side @ 2-2-2 tempo)



C1. Lateral Goblin Lunge (Goblet)

           (3×8 each side @ 2-1-1 tempo)



C2. Stir the Cauldron (Stir the Pot)

           (3×8 each side @ 3 second stirs)



C3. Haunted Halo Hold

           (3×8 each side @ 2-2-2 tempo)



F. Frightful Finisher

           (5x | 30-sec Spooky Sprints w/ 90-sec rest)