By Sam Cortes, Communications Coordinator

It’s 5 a.m. and your alarm goes off. You get dressed, warm your car up and head out the door. On your way to the rink, you grab a cup of coffee from Tim’s… and maybe a donut, too.

For many of you, this is your life as a hockey parent. Or, at one point, maybe you were the child on the other side of it. Those 6 a.m. practices can be grueling, but we’d do anything for the cup, am I right? Well, how about a fantasy cup? 


About the Online Playoff Box Pool

This year, the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame will be hosting an online playoff hockey box pool, with the top prize being a Winnipeg Jets game for you and 15 friends in a Bell MTS Place luxury suite for the 2021/22 season, courtesy of our friends at the Johnston Group and valued at $4000! 

We are even adding an extra $500 for food and drinks. Put on the hard hats, folks, it’s time to pull out the stat sheets and get to work! And try to pick with your head…not your heart. 



How to Enter
  1. Click on this invitation:
  2. Create your team name and select your players
  3. Save team

If you’ve never been in a box pool draft before, it’s quite simple! All you have to do is pick one (1) player from each box and then submit it. That’s it – easy right? 

Players are awarded points for either a goal or an assist. The tough guy box gets extra points for a fight and goalies get points for goals, assists, wins and shutouts! There’s lots of fun and challenging box categories to choose from.

To be considered for the top prize, all you have to do is e-transfer $20 per entry to by May 19th. If you’re wondering why we put per entry, it’s because you can enter as many times as you want. Awesome, I know! So if you decide to put in five entries, it will only cost $100. 


Second, Third & Last Place Prizes

So why would you do this? Well, after a year and a half of dealing with this pandemic, wouldn’t it be fantastic to enjoy a night out with 15 of your closest friends at a future Winnipeg Jets game? I’m sure you’d want to be the hero who gives them this opportunity and your family and friends would agree with this, so make sure to tell them to enter, too, and send them the link! You’d also get bragging rights as the best armchair GM in the land, this is a no-brainer!

Unfortunately there can only be one winner, but we do have some excellent consolation prizes. If your team finishes in second place, you will get a signed Ehlers or Scheifele Jets jersey, your choice. 

If you finish in third place, you get the signed jersey not taken. We even have a prize for finishing last! We know some of you miss Laine, so if that’s the case, tank and finish in last place and you will be rewarded with a signed Laine Jets jersey.

We look forward to seeing all the creative team names and would like to thank you all for entering. Your support means a lot and will allow us to continue to showcase and celebrate our provincial sport heritage within our walls and beyond! Follow your team(s) in the standings at!