By Daniel Hoeppner, MB Games Host Society

Manitoba Games Volunteer Spotlight Series Elaine KrahnElaine is a long-time Niverville resident and a 20-year volunteer with the Niverville Remembrance Day Committee. She has been volunteering most of her life. Her parents, Jack and Margaret Stott, were very community-minded role models. Elaine recalls,  “My parents taught me and my siblings that if everyone would get involved in their community, much greater things could be accomplished.” The Stott family motto was “Many hands make light work.” 

Elaine also managed the main stage as a volunteer at the Niverville Fair from 1994 – 2017. This position was an annual seven-month commitment.  As the Stage Manager, she acquired performers and arranged their accommodations, transportation, backstage accommodation, and meals. She also booked venues and scheduled performances. Elaine says it was a little challenging making sure that the main stage and street entertainment did not conflict with one another.   

When asked about her favourite aspect of volunteering, Elaine replied, “ I really enjoy the ‘behind the scenes’ operations during the events I have been involved with! I have met countless new people from all across Canada and the U.S. In fact, I think just watching things happen is rather boring. I prefer to help make them happen! When it’s all done, and we all get to sit back and say “that was really well done”, we all feel a great sense of accomplishment and, the kids tell us that the Fair is the next best thing to Christmas!”

Elaine encourages those that can, to volunteer as you make your community and yourself proud of your good efforts, and enjoy the new experience!

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