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After the incredible success of the 2017 Canada Summer Games, we are pleased to welcome back the Sport Manitoba staff members who were seconded over the last 2-4 years to support the Host Society: Jeff Hnatiuk, Sheri Barnes, Janet McMahon, and Sarah Tone. We’re proud of their overwhelming success and happy to have them return to the team with substantial experience from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The home team kept everything running smoothly here at Sport Manitoba in the absence of some of our key players. We are extremely proud of our staff members who rallied together to keep business operating as it should. The support we received was invaluable and we’re thankful for the enhanced commitment over the past few years.

As the largest event Winnipeg has hosted over the past 20 years, the 2017 Canada Summer Games left significant legacies in our community. The support from our staff truly showed its value as we opened the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre this summer as the key legacy project of the Games.

The 124,000 square foot Qualico Training Centre features three fully convertible court spaces, strength and conditioning areas, aerobic training space, plyometric training and testing, and an indoor training track. The Canada Games Sport for Life Centre focuses on learning, sharing, mentoring, and growing. From the development of basic skills for kids and families to the training of Manitoba's Own the Podium athletes, the Centre serves as a hub for education, skill-building, and research.

The Qualico Training Centre provides seamless transition between training, coaching, testing, and therapy, which is a first in Canada. The sport expertise, fitness, training, coaching and medical expertise available will be put to use in the Training Centre to provide programming for local schools, community groups, amateur sport teams, elite athletes, and those that live or work downtown.

There’s no doubt our city and community are better for having hosted the 2017 Canada Summer Games and we’re confident we will continue to see the impact through the years.

One of the most important legacies of hosting an event the size and scale of the Canada Games is the human legacy. With over 60 staff and 6,000 volunteers the capacity to coordinate future sport events and to further the development within our sport community is stronger than it's ever been.

We are very fortunate to see the direct impact of this development right here in our office, and are pleased to welcome Evan Andrew as Sport Manitoba’s Director of Marketing.

Evan was the Director, Sponsorship & Marketing with the 2017 Canada Summer Games Host Society where his staff team surpassed sponsorship and ticketing revenue targets, raised unaided local awareness for the Games from 4% in February 2016 to 45% in August 2017, and generated more than $28 million in earned media value over a one year period ending August 30th, 2017.

Previously, Evan was the Sales Manager, Sports & Special Events with Tourism Winnipeg and prior to that a Business Development Professional with YES! Winnipeg. Evan and his wife Kathy, have three young boys and enjoy spending time at the rinks, tennis courts, golf courses and parks in and around Winnipeg.

Evan can be reached at or 204-925-5606.


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