Archery at the Manitoba Games


Winnipeg Blue archers win multiple medals in mixed and individual recurve

By: Ian Southern

Fourteen-year-olds Hailee MacDonald and Roman Boyechko set their sights high this Monday, earning a gold for the mixed team recurve that was held in the R.D Parker Trojan Gym. The winning pair of archers from Winnipeg Blue, led by coach David Dunwoody, scored 941 points, 40 points more than the silver winners from Team West.  For such a strong performance, it is amazing that this is their first mixed team recurve competition.

“We’ve never done a team event,” said MacDonald.

That winning momentum carried through to Tuesday’s individual men’s and women’s recurve. Boyechko swept the men’s final match with a 6-0 victory, and MacDonald placed silver for the women’s in a tense final match.

Both contestants were deeply focused and still, sighting targets 18 meters away, that appear less than the size of a dime at arm's length. For MacDonald, breathing deeply is her cue to calm and focus, which she proved in her final match. For Boyechko, it’s just another day.

“I try to think of it as a normal shoot at the range,” said Boyechko.

MacDonald and Boyechko have been practicing archery for eight and five years, respectively.

“I usually go three times a week, at night”, explained Boyechko.

In the past four years they have also competed individually in provincial and regional competitions.

“For me this is the biggest tournament I’ve ever shot in,” said Boyechko.

They are both very upbeat on their visit to Thompson, and they hope to be able to check out some of the other events, relax, and celebrate their win.

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