Winnipeg Ringette Player Perseveres Through Crohn's Disease To Make 2019 CWG Team

Jayme DorsettJayme Dorsett went through a tough obstacle this past year, and what it taught her is to never take a day for granted. She’s a 16-year-old athletic girl and never thought something like an illness would come her way.

It all started back when she was experiencing small sharp stomach pains, but she thought nothing of it. When she started to lose her appetite and become more exhausted, she knew there was something more serious going on. She went to the hospital for an ultrasound and her symptoms originally presented as appendicitis, but that wasn’t the final result. She spent two and a half weeks in the hospital and underwent a series of tests, where CTs, ultrasounds and MRIs became her daily routine. As her condition worsened, she had to stop playing ringette.

She lost 30lbs and experienced a night where her life was almost lost. Her heart rate dropped enormously and blood pressure was through the roof. She remembers being able to tell that everyone around her was worried.

After this episode, and after gathering her results, Dorsett was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Her doctors began to plan treatment and she started her journey to recovery. The recovery process wasn’t easy. She had to give up food for three months and was on a strict meal plan of seven Boost nutritional drinks each day. She wasn’t allowed to eat the slightest amount of food and the only other thing she could drink was water.

Though tired and low on energy, she slowly started getting back into her regular routine. She started eating broth, dropped down to four Boost drinks a day, and continued to slowly introduce normal foods back into her diet. She was ready to get back into her skates, start practicing and working out, and trying to gain the weight back that she had lost.

“This whole experience took an incredible emotional toll on me. My main passion is ringette and during this whole illness was the tryouts for making the Canada Winter Games team. I thought that this could take away my chance of making it in second round cuts,” Dorsett said.  

With hard work and perseverance, Dorsett made the final cut for Team Manitoba’s 2019 Canada Games ringette team. She’s been cleared of Crohn’s Disease and is taking important precautions to keep herself healthy. She’s back to working out, practicing and eating as she normally would.

“I am in good health now. I would never be able to do it without the support, care, and love of my family, friends and coaches. Their encouragement helped me in the hardest times and they helped me get through something that was life-threatening.”

Dorsett remains positive and is excited to be in Red Deer competing with Team Manitoba.

“If there’s anything I would say to someone, it’s to enjoy your passions and the little things and never take a day for granted, because you never know what life can bring you.”

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