By Sarah Tone, Communications Coordinator

Leading up to the 2023 Canada Winter Games, we are featuring the dedicated coaches who spend countless hours giving back to sport. Let’s get to know Badminton coach Justin Friesen!


How long have you been coaching this sport?

15 years


What is your favourite coaching memory/story/moment?

I can vividly remember telling a player to hit to a certain spot in the middle of a game and then seeing them hit that shot, turning around and looking at me with the widest eyes I have ever seen and repeating that shot for the rest of the game to win.


Who was/is your role model in sport?

Peter Gade from Denmark is a solid role model for my generation in badminton as they have a strict no-nonsense, dedicated approach to training and sport. 


What does a typical practice look like for your team?

Depends on the season, but usually, we start with something more consistent to get warmed up, and then typically we work into some multi-shuttle patterns and critical thinking modified games later on.


What do you look for in a Canada Games athlete?

Someone who does not need to be given all of the answers, but looks to find those answers on their own. Not many people can or have the confidence to change what they are doing in the middle of a match.


What are the team goals for the 2023 Canada Games?

We are still working our way into a better final placement. We have been 5th for many years, and have been very close to fighting for a bronze medal during the last two Games I have been a part of.