By Hailey Unger, Coach Education Coordinator

THE 1991 GREY CUP LEGACY FUND was established by the Grey Cup Festival Committee, with the surplus funds arising from the holding of the 1991 Grey Cup Game in Winnipeg, to promote excellence in football and other sports in Manitoba through the development of coaching expertise.

The FUND is held in trust and administered by the University of Manitoba in consultation with an Awards Committee consisting of representatives from the Government of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg, the universities of Brandon, Winnipeg and Manitoba, the Blue Bombers Football Club and Sport Manitoba Coaching.

The program of activities to be supported by the FUND in this 27th year of operation (2020-2021) includes:

Coaching Scholarships tenable in Manitoba universities

Coaching Scholarship application 2020-21

Support for Coaching Seminars

Seminar application 2020-21

Support for “Coach-in-Residence” Programs

Master Coach In-Residence application 2020-21

Support for Sport Management Internships

Sport Management Intership application 2020-21

Awarding of a prize for the “High School Coach of the Year”

Grey Cup Legacy High School application 2020-21