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Advancing the coaching journey

Coaching Resources

Available resources for Manitoba’s coaches

Fundamental Movement Skills

Learn to instruct the fundamental movements of sport, including catching, jumping, striking, running, and kicking.

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Coaching Athletes Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing

This resource provides basic information to help ensure successful sport experiences in a mainstream hearing setting for athletes who are deaf/hard of hearing (D/HH).

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Coaching for Female Athletes

This important training focuses on the unique needs of female athletes in an effort to promote a level playing field within sport.

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Sport for Life — LTD

Improve your coaching skills through our Canadian Sport for Life and Long-Term Development (LTD) programs.

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Keeping Kids Safe

Sport Manitoba believes in being proactive in ensuring sport in our province is safe and enjoyable so that all our participants remain active for life.

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Sport COnnect and REspect

SCORE (Sport COnnect and REspect) is a program of ten lessons designed to join a deliberate approach to youth development and sport participation.

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Safe Sport Line

As a coach or a parent, you might encounter a bullying or harassment situation you are uncertain about how to address. This support line offers consultation, referral, and resources. Talk to someone who can help.


Indigenous Resources

Learn about Indigenous sport resources available for coaches.

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Coaching Programs

Available programs for Manitoba’s coaches

Female Mentorship Program

This program is an opportunity for female coaches to develop and maintain their skills.

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Women in Coaching Canada Games Apprenticeship Program

Building coaching capacity to provide women coaches with a practical and integrated major national multi-sport games experience.

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Aboriginal Apprentice Coach Program

Providing Aboriginal apprentice coaches with professional development and learning opportunities at the Canada Games to prepare them for high level coaching.

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Paul Robson
Resource Centre

The Paul Robson Resource Centre for Leadership and Coaching encourages efficient use of community resources and promotes cooperation and sharing among the sport community.

Books and Multimedia

Discover the world of sport through our collection of multimedia resources and suggested readings.

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Coaching Apps and Links

Learn about the apps and other online resources that make it easier for coaches to stay connected and informed.

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Concussion Resources for Coaches

Read our collection of concussion resources for coaches and athlete trainers.

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National Coaching
Certification Program

Get your certification and stay certified.

Become a Coach

Prospective and established coaches can discover the programs, courses, and development opportunities available to them as they join and grow their skills in the profession.

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Professional Development for Coaches

One of the wonderful aspects of coaching is there’s always room for development. We’ve put together a list of professional growth opportunities for Manitoba’s established coaches .

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eLearning Professional Development Opportunities

Discover which option is best for your coaching career.

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Coaching Grant Resources

Financial support for Manitoba’s hardworking coaches

Sport Manitoba Coaching Scholarships and Bursaries

A bursary presented to four students who have demonstrated a commitment to coaching in Manitoba. Our goal is to encourage students to continue coaching while attending a post-secondary institution.

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Women to Watch Grant

Women to Watch is a grant program administered by Sport Manitoba and Sport Manitoba Coaching designed to assist young girls and women to further their involvement in their chosen sport.

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Community Sport Development Grants

Sport Manitoba offers a wide range of developmental grants that facilitate the development of athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers at the community level emphasizing training and skill development.

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Coach or Official Assistance Grant

Helps coaches and officials with financial assistance to attend certification courses and professional development opportunities.

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1991 Grey Cup Legacy Fund

The 1991 Grey Cup Legacy Fund was established by the Grey Cup Festival Committee, with the surplus funds arising from the holding of the 1991 Grey Cup Game in Winnipeg. The Fund’s purpose is to promote excellence in football and other sports in Manitoba through the development of coaching expertise.

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Coaching and Leading Effectively

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