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Starting Line-Up: A Manitoba High School Retrospective

Athletes don’t achieve greatness without years of practice, or without dedicated coaching. For many, that devotion to sport begins during their high school years. Starting Line-Up focuses on the various high schools across our province that have shaped Manitoba athletes, as well as the builders who fostered these programs.

Each item on display represents friends made, rivalries challenged, lessons
learned, and games won and lost. Sport is about perseverance. Challenging
not just your opponent but yourself. Finding your mental and physical limits and pushing past them, just to hit a wall and push past them again.

High school sport is more than just a first-place trophy or a championship banner. It gives young adults first-hand experience with leadership and teamwork that they carry on into their adult lives.

And it might just carry them to an induction into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame.

Hours and Admission

This exhibit will run from May 2024 until early 2025.

Tuesday - Saturday
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Closed Sunday - Monday


The Hall of Fame closes for private events. Call 204-925-5936 for more info on the gallery's availability.


Admission Pricing
Self-guided tours - Free

Group tours - $5 per person (20 people max, please book in advance)

Schools/daycares - Please call 204-925-5936 for more information.

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Honoured Member High School Directory

See which Manitoba high schools our Honoured Members attended. Click on an Honoured Member to see their database page.

Brandon Collegiate Institute

Brandon Indian Residential School

Joe Keeper (On the Right)

Carman Collegiate

Collège Churchill High School

Dakota Collegiate Institute

Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute

Elmwood High School

Clara Hughes

General Wolfe School

Glenella School

Glenlawn Collegiate

Gordon Bell High School

Hamiota Collegiate Institute

Isaac Newton School

John Taylor Collegiate

École secondaire Kelvin High School

Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School

Collège Lorette Collegiate

Joey Johnson

Maples Collegiate

Mennonite Bretheren Collegiate Institute

Cindy Klassen

Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate

Norwood Collegiate/Nelson McIntyre Collegiate

École secondaire Oak Park High School

Portage Collegiate Institute

River East Collegiate

École River Heights School

W. Ross McDonald School for the Blind

Tim McIsaac

Shaftesbury High School

Todd MacCulloch

Silver Heights Collegiate

École secondaire Sisler High School

St. John's/St. John's High School/St. John's Ravenscourt

St. Paul's College High School/St. Paul's High School

Steinbach Regional Secondary School

Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate

Warren Collegiate Institute

Westwood Collegiate

Windsor Park Collegiate