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Each year we launch an annual sustaining fund campaign to help finance the important work of preserving, celebrating and showcasing the history of sport in Manitoba. Read below to learn more about this important archival work and how you can be apart of preserving our province’s sport history.

Why Donate

Without institutions like the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame, our province would struggle in being able to tell multimedia stories regarding the history of amateur and professional sports in Manitoba. It is through these stories that the next generation of athletes find the motivation to pursue sports, thereby creating future provincial, national and world-wide heroes.

How Your Contribution Will Help

The Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame is the most comprehensive collection of sports memorabilia in the province, covering nearly 60 athletic disciplines as well as the stories of over 450 athletes and more than 150 teams. These numbers alone demonstrate the important role sports have played, and continue to play in shaping Manitoba’s history, and in order to continue to tell these stories, we require financial backing to support the Hall of Fame and its educational staff.

The Impact It Has on Winnipeg Tourism

Manitoba’s tourism industry continues to grow in part due to the fact that major amateur and professional sporting events attract outsiders to our prairie province. By contributing to the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame, you’re helping put Manitoba and its athletes on the map by providing Canadian and international visitors with a taste of our athletic accomplishments .


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Planned Giving

Maximize the impact of your donation

In recent years, Planned Giving has become a very popular method of donating to the charity of your choice. Planned Giving is when a charitable gift is made in such a way that you maximize the tax and estate planning benefits.

The gift may be a one-time donation, a series of payments over a set period, or ongoing support. There are many Planned Giving options donors can use to support the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame & Museum (MSHF&M). Consultation with your financial advisors will determine which method is the best choice for each individual donor.

Forms of donations include:
Wills and Bequests, Life Insurance, Gifts in Kind, RRSPs/RRIFs.

Decade Gallery Sponsorship

One of our most unique opportunities to support the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame is to sponsor one of our Decade Galleries. Before we built at 145 Pacific, we received a generous donation from the estate of the Late Jack Mowat (inducted in 1988 as a Builder in Artistic Gymnastics). In deciding what to do with these unexpected funds, the Hall of Fame dedicated a Decade Gallery in Jack's name and used it as a template for other potential donors for a 25+ year legacy of recognition.

When we built in 2011, we added the Ted Foreman Gallery to the 1970s Decade Gallery to recognize this member of the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame and  his generous donation towards the building of the new Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame's Museum Gallery at 145 Pacific.

A few years later Evelyne and Roy Holenski (inducted as Builders for Softball in 2004 & 2009) were recognized with the 1990s Decade Gallery sponsorship. Coming soon will be the Don and Doran Sewell Gallery in the 1960s Decade Gallery (inducted as Athletes in target Rifle Shooting in 1993 & 1999) who have also made a generous donation and will be celebrated when current pandemic conditions allow us to do so.

If you or your family would like more information about sponsoring a Decade Gallery, please contact Rick Brownlee, Sport Heritage Manager at 204-925-5736 or email him at 

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