By Sarah Tone, Communications Coordinator

Maya (11), Kai (14), and Ethan (16) Veitch are all here at the Canada Games for the very first time. 

The siblings from East St. Paul all had one common goal for their experience here, to have fun. 

“I hope to represent Manitoba to the best of my ability,” said Ethan.

I want to make friends and meet boarders from other places,” added Kai.

Maya is the youngest of the three, and made some huge jumps these Games. Her goal – to get a better result than her brothers! She competed in her first Canada Games finals and with a smile on her face, was very proud of her performance. 

The jump is the biggest one I’ve ever scored on and probably the biggest one I’ve ever hit.”

The athletes were all big fans of the course and were quick to thank the volunteers in PEI for all their hard work in putting on the Games. 

“I wish we had this course at home in Manitoba because it’s so sick! It was so much fun,” said Ethan

“Snowboarding has such a good community. It’s been so fun here, I’ve had a really good time here,” added Kai. 

The three agree that they push each other to be better both on and off the course, and they’re thankful they get to experience these Canada Games together.