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A clinic for all Manitobans

Tailored care from a trained and experienced team of clinicians shouldn’t be reserved for professional athletes. The Sport Manitoba Clinic is a place for all Manitobans to receive focused care from specialists in a range of clinical disciplines.



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We are taking precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our top priority is the well-being of our patients, team and community. We are closely monitoring new developments regarding COVID-19. During this time, the Sport Manitoba Clinic continues to follow best practices to ensure our office is a clean and safe environment to work and provide care.


One-on-one care from a dedicated clinician

Our clinicians treat only one patient at a time, so they’re not bouncing from room-to-room trying to treat multiple people at once. It also means we run our appointment schedule on time. Our appointment times are also longer than the average clinic, allowing our clinicians to ensure you’re thoroughly diagnosed and treated.

We know it can be challenging to book appointments around a busy schedule. That’s why we offer early morning and evening appointments.

Clinic Team

Learn more about the team of professionals we’ve assembled to manage and treat your injuries.

Clinic Services

From athletic therapy to x-ray, our services are designed to provide each patient with comprehensive, customized care.

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