By Sarah Tone, Communications Coordinator

Leading up to the 2023 Canada Winter Games, we are featuring the dedicated coaches who spend countless hours giving back to sport.

Let’s get to know short track speed skating coach Anne Mushumanski.

How long have you been coaching this sport? 

Since 1995, that’s 27 years!


What is your favourite coaching moment?

I was coaching Cindy Klassen at the junior Canadian long track selection competition at the Saskatoon outdoor oval at -25. As a new skater to the sport, she was unranked from the prior year’s competition, so she skated last. I timed all the lap times of all the skaters she would need to beat.  Before each of her races, I gave her the lap times she needed to skate.  She did it and was named to the Canadian junior team. She went to the worlds and came back with medals.


What do you look for in a Canada Games athlete?

Dedication, hard work, someone who is respectful of their fellow athletes and coaches, an athlete that strives to improve, someone with a competitive spirit, and who is always trying to do their best.


What are the team goals for the 2023 Canada Games?

The short track team is looking to improve their rankings from last Games. 


Any words of wisdom for Team Toba athletes?

Do your best at your sport, have fun, and enjoy the experience! Canada Games are like a mini-Olympics.