Sport Manitoba Coaching Awards


Due to the public health risks associated with COVID-19, Sport Manitoba has cancelled both our Night of Champions event and our Coaching Awards event.

All tickets that were purchased will be refunded in full.

For Night of Champions, nominees will be recognized, and winners will be announced on Saturday, March 21 beginning at 7 p.m. via special presentations on our social media channels. Following this, we will contact all of the winners.

For Coaching Awards, finalists will be recognized, and winners will be announced on Saturday, March 21 beginning at 10 a.m. via special presentations on our social media channels. We will send all nominees their certificate in the mail and will then contact all of the winners.

The Sport Manitoba Coaching Awards presented by Club Regent Casino & Event Centre recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements and significant contributions coaches have made to their athletes and their sport through coaching. The selection of recipients is based on their unique contribution to sport through the continued development of their athletes. The award winner will be selected based on the coach’s accomplishments over the past calendar year.

This year's nominees are:

Active Start/Fundamentals Athletes - Vince Leah Award

Carla Clegg - Artistic Gymnastics
Heather Clements - Riding for the Disabled
Trevor Kriss - Hockey
Doug Lockhart - Baseball
Greg McCulloch - Athletics
Krystle McDougall - Boxing
Matt Pentecost - Rugby
Cody Pollon - Rugby
Chris Schnerch - Football
Melissa Suggitt - Special Olympics
Kellie Winzinowich - Artistic Gymnastics

Learn to Train Athletes – The Konica Minolta - Dr. Jack Hunt Award

Peter Isfjord - Softball
Brittany Cook - Special Olympics
Tanya Pilat - Figure Skating
James Stolar - Baseball
Ian Grunewald - Swimming
Ed Kulyk - Baseball

NEW CATEGORY - Janet Arnott Train to Train Athlete

May Baldo-Oduca - Judo
Mark Berger - Judo
Kent Brown - Boxing
Tom Clasper - Curling
Garth Goodbrandson - Golf
Chris & Lorne Hamblin - Curling
Marlin Kraus - Basketball
Janine Stephens - Rowing
Dana Peteleski - Baton
Erin McKinlay - Disc Sports
Keith Taggart - Special Olympics

Train to Compete-Train to Win Athletes - Peter Williamson Award

Cole Grant - Water Ski
Carmen Lee - Disc Sports
Kirby Schepp - Basketball
Earl Sobotkiewicz - Ten Pin Bowling
Jeffrey Sveinson - Hockey
Tyler Williamson Derraugh - Speed Skating
Mingpu Wu - Athletics
Grant Wilson - Volleyball
Melissa Diamond - Special Olympics

School System Athletes - Peter Dick Award

Kelsey Foote - Volleyball
Chris Halvorsen - Volleyball
Mikki Grouette - Volleyball/Track & Field
Willem Konrad - Disc Sports
Kathleen Muirhead - Rugby
Sean Storm - Disc Sports

Active for Life – Global News

Tracy Sterdan - Rhythmic Gymnastics
Tanya Manastersky - Rhythmic Gymnastics
Lori Yielding - Special Olympics


Years of Service Recognition

Trudy Adamson - Special Olympics
Kelly Bernard - Figure Skating
Tina Boryskavich - Special Olympics
Ian Grunewald - Swimming
Chris Hamblin - Curling
Lorne Hamblin - Curling
Mavis White - Special Olympics
Dean Wright - Disc Sports
Brenda Woods - Softball
Denis Woods - Softball
Garth Whitlock - Softball
Mike Sutherland - Softball
Lorne Colpitts - Softball
Janet Forbes - Softball

International Coach Recognition

Mark Berger - Judo
Melissa Diamond - Special Olympics
Cole Grant - Water Ski
Brian Jones - Judo
Scott Koskie - Volleyball
Airton Nakamura - Judo
Earl Sobotkiewicz - Ten Pin Bowling
Jeff Stoughton - Curling
Zdravka Tchonkova - Rhythmic Gymnastics
Heather Willis - Biathlon
Grant Wilson - Volleyball
Jared Brown - Volleyball
Kirby Schepp - Basketball
Josh Thordarson - Volleyball
Sydney Loewen - Volleyball
Rob Olfert - Volleyball
JP Carriere - Vollleyball
Haylee O'Neill - Softball

Thank you to Club Regent Casino & Event Centre for their continued support of our annual coaching awards event.