Coaching for
Female Athletes

Why Coaching for Females is Important

Coaches and other members of the Integrated Support Team (strength and conditioning coach, physiotherapist, biomechanist, sport psychologist, dietitian, sport scientist, physician and others) need to be aware of the impact of poorly designed training programs and competition schedules on their female athletes.

Compared to males, female athletes have unique responses to flawed implementation programs and competition schedules. Parents AND athletes should be well informed of these issues to ensure best practices are being adopted so that the health and wellness of the female athlete is promoted.

Keeping Girls in Sport
Presented by Jumpstart

Keeping Girls in Sport is an online resource that helps coaches and youth activity leaders to create safe and respectful environments for female athletes. The program is designed to do exactly what it says: help girls stay enrolled and engaged in sport and physical activity.

Gender Equity eLearning

Gender Equity LENS (1 hour)

$25.00 | 2 PD Points 

Canadian Women & Sport’s Gender Equity LENS e-learning module gives you the information and tools you need to act on your commitment to gender equity, helping you make policy and program decisions to better serve women and girls in your sport.