What is Sport for Life

Sport for Life is a movement to make sport and physical activity better, so more Canadians will get quality training, more will continue participating throughout their lives, and more will reach the medals podium.

What is LTD

Long-Term Development (LTD) is the Sport for Life pathway for developing top-rank athletes and increasing overall participation in sport and physical activity. It includes guidelines for training, competition and recovery based on principles of human development and maturation.

Helping Parents Understand

Many parents are looking for answers to explain what is right for their child when it comes to athletic development. As a coach, you need something that will help explain the facts in an easy, accurate, and user-friendly manner.

The Coaching Association of Canada, in coordination with Canadian Sport for Life, has created the following document: “Long-Term Development Information for Parents” to help coaches educate the parents of the children in their programs.