Indigenous Resources

The professional development of Aboriginal Coaching Modules (ACM) through NCCP certification has been identified by the Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) as a national priority.

To educate and promote the value of the NCCP and to establish meaningful participation of Indigenous peoples in this national program, the ASC embarked on a multi-year process to develop supplemental training material for Aboriginal coaches taking NCCP workshops. The results of this process are the Aboriginal Coaching Modules, which respond to the need for a national training curriculum with content that reflects the uniqueness of Indigenous cultures, values, and lifestyles.

The ACM is a professional development training tool for Indigenous and non-Indigenous coaches who coach Indigenous athletes, as they become certified through the NCCP.

The ACM is comprised of three modules:

  1. Holistic Approach to Coaching
  2. Dealing with Racism in Sport
  3. Individual and Community Health and Wellness

MASRC Resources

The Manitoba Aboriginal Sports & Recreation Council also has resources available related to the Aboriginal Resource Module.


Sport Manitoba Coaching partnered with MASRC to provide a resource for Manitoba coaches that outlines the TRC Calls to Action 87-91 and identifies clear steps on how to respond to each Call to Action and implement them into your sport program.


A Path to Reconciliation in Sport

Kaila Johnston from the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) discusses the history of colonization, assimilation, and residential schools in Canada, and the role sport has to play in the path of reconciliation. Sport Manitoba and MASRC staff discuss Calls to Action 87-91 and provide clear steps on how to respond to them and implement them into your sport programming.

Click here to watch our A Path to Reconciliation in Sport virtual event