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Fit Kids Healthy Kids is a Physical Literacy program founded as a partnership between Doctors Manitoba and Sport Manitoba. It teaches children and their adult leaders the fundamentals of movement that make kids confident and competent in sport, recreation, and life.

Games & My Clipboard

Create your own or select from ours!

Fit Kids Healthy Kids offers an extensive database of over 700 different activities that can be easily combined together to create a lesson plan for kids of all ages. Use our My Clipboard functionality to create your own lesson plan and download as a printable PDF!

Fit, Healthy Kids that are Active for Life!

Fit Kids Healthy Kids believes it is important to provide opportunity for children to learn skills like running, jumping, throwing, and catching as well as many others through games and activities that are non-competitive and inclusive.

We encourage in a holistic approach to these skills through various activities such as low organized games, stationed play, dance, modified sport, and free play.

We provide services that help recreation leaders, health leaders, early childhood educators, parents, teachers, and community in general to learn the meaning and importance of physical literacy.


Build capacity in your leaders enabling them to get your kids moving

Book one of our Fit Kids Healthy Kids programs! We offer 8-week programs, one time fun time, motion zones, and physical literacy training.

Basic Skills

FUNdamental movement skills

Fundamental movement skills are basic movements such as throwing, kicking, running, jumping, hopping and catching. Fundamental sport skills are these movement skills applied to a sport situation: for example, kicking a soccer ball, running a sprint, jumping up for a basketball rebound, catching a baseball.

Lesson Plans & Event Ideas

Create your own or select from ours!

Get started with creating your own lesson plan with advice from Fit Kids Healthy Kids on the most effective structures. We also offer pre-defined lesson plans based on age group and special days in the school calendar.

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