Manitoba Games powered by Manitoba Hydro

A bi-annual meeting of
Manitoba’s top athletic talent

Held every two years and alternating between summer and winter sports events, the Games involves upwards of 7,500 athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers, and represents a crucial opportunity for young athletes to square up against top-tier provincial competition and find out what it takes to reach national and international sporting stages.

2020 Manitoba Games

The Dauphin host committee requires 800 plus volunteers

Volunteer areas include Athlete Services, Communications & Awareness, Finance, Hospitality, Operations, Sport Operations and Volunteer Management.

How to Participate

A comprehensive look into the eligibility criteria for the Games

Before each Games, we evaluate our eligibility criteria to ensure we’re best representing the diverse range of competitive athletes and sports across our province. This means laying out a clear set of guidelines to oversee who can participate in the Games, as well as how and why we make our decisions.

Guide To Games

All your Manitoba Games questions answered in one place

Whether you’re an athlete participating in the Games, a parent cheering on your son or daughter, or just curious about our bi-annual sporting event, we want to make sure you’re armed with the correct information to prepare you for your game-day needs – whatever those needs may be. Our Guide to Games program provides answers to everything Manitoba Games for everyone.

Team Toba rower soaking it all in

As a young teen, Abby Dent was looking to...

News Post

Team Toba rower soaking it all in

As a young teen, Abby Dent was looking to get involved in another sport. The all-round athlete already played hockey and volleyball but was interested in trying something totally new. Rowing Canada came to her school and did some basic testing with students in gym class. They took note of Dent’s height and then her…


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