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General Information

What are the Manitoba Games?

Staged every two years and alternating between summer and winter sporting events, the Manitoba Games is the largest ongoing multi-sport event in the province. Every two years, the Games are awarded to a Host Community that teams up to put on this multi-sport event, benefiting from the legacies that are created and left behind, as well as provide benefits to the thousands of Manitobans who participate at the Manitoba Games. 

The Manitoba Games involve upwards of 7500 athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers, and represents a crucial opportunity for young athletes to square up against top-tier provincial competition and find out what it takes to reach national and international sporting stages.

Who participates in the Manitoba Games?

Athletes between the ages of 10 and under-18 from each of the five sport regions in the province, as defined by Sport Manitoba.

What is the focus of the Manitoba Games program?

The focus of the Games is on the development of Manitoba athletes by providing them with skill development opportunities, and a multi-sport experience to help prepare them for higher levels of competition like the Canada Games, Western Canada Games, national, and international championships in their sport.

Where are the Manitoba Games held and who decides?

Communities across the province bid to host the Games based on their ability to stage the sport competitions, accommodate and feed 1,800 participants, provide upwards of 1,000 volunteers, and generate the required financial resources to operate the Games. Sport Manitoba and the Manitoba Games Council conduct bid and site evaluations and make recommendations to the Board of Sport Manitoba

How are the Games sports determined?

Provincial Sport Organizations apply to be in each set of Games and are measured against specific criteria. Age classifications are determined by the Sport and reflect the fit of the Games in the Sport’s Long Term Athlete Development plan. 

After evaluation, Sport Manitoba determines the sports that will be included in the next Games.

Roles & Responsibilities

What is a Chef de Mission?

Each region has a Chef de Mission and Assistant Chef de Mission who are responsible for the team’s logistics, care, performance, and reputation. Chefs de Mission are volunteers from the regions and are the primary link between all components of the Games. They will be regions key contacts for the sports leading up to, during, and immediately following the Games. They work behind the scenes to minimize distractions, so participants can optimize their performance.

What is the role of Provincial Sport Organization?

The Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) are responsible to identify and select the regional teams for the Manitoba Games. They also select the coaches and managers and ensure that eligibility requirements are met. The PSO provides athletes with the competitive uniform pieces, which may be an additional cost specific to the PSO. For more information on a specific sport, please reach out to one of our sport partners by following the links here.

How is the coaching staff selected?

Coaches and managers are selected by the appropriate Provincial Sport Organization (PSO). The main function of the coaching staff is one of team selection, player development and preparation leading up to, and including the Games. The team manager assists the coaching staff, PSO and regional Chef de Mission with the planning, logistics and communication both before and at Games. 

Interested coaches or managers can contact the PSO for more information on selection procedures and certification requirements.

Are you eligible to play?

How do I know if an athlete is eligible for the Games?

For more information on athlete eligibility, please refer to Sport Manitoba’s website HERE

If an athlete is eligible, how do they qualify for the Games?

Each sports’ selection dates and methods will be different. Qualifications for the Games are coordinated by the Provincial Sport Organization. Please refer to the Provincial Sport Organization for further information on Manitoba Games qualifiers. 

How do I know what region an athlete qualifies for?

For details and a map outlining the regional boundaries, please click HERE.

I’ve been selected to a Manitoba Games team, what happens now?

Be sure to check back when our Guide to Games program launches! This is where you will find answers to ALL of your Games questions! Below are some frequently asked questions to provide you with more information.


How does an athlete register?

An online link will be distributed to all Games participants closer to Games time. Please be sure to complete the online registration as soon as the link is received. 

Why does an athlete need to register for the Games?

Registration forms provide the coach, manager, Chef de Mission and Sport Manitoba staff with important information about the athletes (allergies, medications, dietary concerns, etc.). Registration also helps staff prepare accordingly in terms of accreditation, accommodation, transportation, and food services.

What does the registration fee cover?

Manitoba Games registration fee will cover: 

  • Transportation to and from Games
  • Transportation in and around the Host community during the Games
  • Accommodation
  • Meals at the Games
  • Participation in ceremonies and other social events
  • Walkout Uniforms

Additional fees from the individual Provincial Sport Organization may apply to the athlete, depending on the sport they are apart of. These additional fees help cover the competitive uniforms, training and athlete development. 

Does Sport Manitoba offer a fee subsidy?

Should a participant be unable to afford the provincial registration fee they can apply to KidSport within their region. KidSport Manitoba eligibility requirements will apply. KidSport will allow a participant to be eligible should they fit all other requirements to receive funding for the Manitoba Games even if they have already received the $300 in the same calendar year for another sport program. Applications will be reviewed as they are received and do not have to wait for the regular KidSport deadlines.

What do the athletes receive as a uniform?

Athletes will receive a competitive uniform provided by their individual Provincial Sport Organization (PSO). There may be an additional cost specific to the sport.

The participants will receive a walkout uniform provided by Sport Manitoba. The walkout uniform will consist of a full zip hoodie and a t-shirt. These uniforms must be worn at Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies and Medal Ceremonies, where applicable. 


Where will the athletes stay during the Games?

All athletes will be housed in what is referred to as the Games Village. Only those with proper accreditation will have access to the Games Villages.

Following the Responsible Coaching movement, coaches and managers will be housed throughout the villages in separate rooms as the athletes. Coaches and managers will be responsible for the overall supervision and chaperoning of their teams throughout the duration of the Games. Access control of the village will be provided by the Host Society 24 hours a day.

What if an athlete has an allergy or medical condition – who needs to know?

It is important that this information is captured in the online registration. Completing this information thoroughly will ensure Food Services and/or Medical Services volunteers have the information they need to support your child at Games. 


How will athletes travel to/from and around Games?

Athletes will travel to/from the Games on motor coach buses from designated pick up locations. During the Games, school buses will transport participants from the village to venues. 

When will Travel Information be provided?

Travel information will be provided by the coach/manager/chef de mission closer to the Games.