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General Information

Who participates in the Manitoba Games?

Athletes between the ages of 10 and 18 from each of the five sport regions in the province: North, West, East, South, and Winnipeg. 

Where are the Manitoba Games held?

The host of each set of Games is determined through a bidding process that begins approximately three years prior to the event. The bid process targets rural areas throughout the province that demonstrate the capacity to execute a large-scale multi-sport competition. 

For more information on hosting the Games in your community, read our hosting guide and contact with your questions. 

How are the Games’ sports determined?

Each sport’s provincial governing body has the opportunity to apply for selection to a Games program. Applications are reviewed by Sport Manitoba, and sports are chosen who have demonstrated the ability to offer sport programming and send teams from multiple regions in the province. See the Sport Selection Policy for more information.

Roles & Responsibilities

What is a Chef de Mission?

Chefs de Mission are the leaders of each regional team and are responsible for the team’s logistics, care, performance, and reputation. Chefs, as they are commonly referred to, are volunteers from the community who act as the primary link between all Games stakeholders. Working mostly behind the scenes, their goal is to minimize distractions so athletes and coaches can optimize their performance.

What is the role of Provincial Sport Organization?

Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) are the official governing bodies for sports in the province and are responsible for selecting each regional team for the Manitoba Games. Additionally, they oversee the competition elements at the Games ensuring the standards are met as outlined in the corresponding technical package.


How do I know if an athlete is eligible for the Games?

Athletes must be between the ages of 10 and 18, a Canadian citizen, and reside within the borders of Manitoba (with some exceptions). However, each sport also has its own specific requirements identified in its technical package. See the Eligibility Policy for more information.

If an athlete is eligible, how do they qualify for the Games?

All sports will have a formal selection policy dictating how athletes are chosen from each region. These policies identify timelines and minimum standards and are designed to make the decision-making process as unbiased and fair as possible.

How do I know what region an athlete qualifies for?

See the Manitoba Games regional map for more information. 


Why does an athlete register for the Games?

Registration forms provide the coach, manager, Chef de Mission, and Sport Manitoba staff with important information about the athletes (allergies, medications, dietary concerns, etc.). Registration also helps staff prepare accordingly in terms of accreditation, accommodation, transportation, and food services.

How does an athlete register?

An online link will be distributed to all participants closer to the Games. This link will also be posted on the Manitoba Games website when ready.

What does the registration fee cover?

After registering, participants will be provided with:

  • Transportation to, from and around the host community
  • Village accommodations
  • Meals 
  • Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, and other social events
  • Walkout uniforms (regional clothing)

Additional fees from the PSO may apply.

Accommodations and Transportation

Where will the participants stay during the Games?

Athletes, coaches, and managers will be housed at the Athletes Village which is protected by security ensuring only those with proper accreditation will have access. Coaches and managers will be in separate rooms from the athletes but remain in the Village with the responsibility of supervising their athletes throughout the Games.

What if an athlete has an allergy or medical condition – who needs to know?

It is critical that this is captured fully in the online registration portal. Identifying any potential medical issues will ensure Food Services and Medical Services volunteers have the information they need to support and prepare for all athletes at the Games.

How will participants travel to and from the Games?

The majority of athletes, coaches, and managers will travel to and from the Games on motor coach buses from designated pick-up locations. During the Games, school buses will transport participants from the Athletes Village to competition venues. See the External Travel Policy for more information.

For more information about the Manitoba Games, please direct  all questions to the Games office at