Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy

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Well-Being Benefits

Massage Therapy is used to enhance muscle and connective tissue function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.

  • reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression 
  • promotes a natural, healthy body image
  • increases body awareness, mobility, and flexibility
  • helps the body adjust to changes of physical stress including: new exercise routines, pregnancy and nursing, growing pains, and job changes that put new or repetitive strain on your body

Injury Benefits

Massage therapy can aid in the reduction of pain and assist in injury rehab. Below are common injuries massage can positively impact:

  • repetitive strain injuries (including: tendonitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel, and plantar fasciitis)
  • trauma based injuries (motor vehicle accidents, ligament injuries, and surgery recovery)
  • headaches, migraines and TMJ dysfunction (clicking, locking, jaw pain)
  • nerve impingement and circulation issues (tingling and numbness in extremities or cold hands/feet)
  • rotator cuff injuries

Massage Therapy Fee

  • 60 mins     $80

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