Athletic Therapy

What is Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapists are health care professionals who have significant training in dealing with musculoskeletal (muscles, bones, and joints) injuries. Using advanced assessment techniques, an athletic therapist is able to determine what you have injured and how best to approach the rehabilitation of your injury.

Athletic therapists work with all sorts of people. You don’t have to be an athlete to see an Athletic Therapist, nor do you have to have been injured during physical activity. Any injury, whether the cause is work-related, sport-based, or anything in between, could benefit from professional assessment and rehabilitation techniques of an Athletic Therapist.


Initial Assessment: $95

Follow-up Appointments: $80

Your program could include:

  • Individualized exercise prescription program to reverse muscular imbalances that often result in injury; improving coordination and improve flexibility
  • Functional movement training to maximize your body awareness and how your body moves through space
  • Functional exercise program
  • Education regarding activity modification, body mechanics, anatomy, and the pathology or your particular injury
  • Return to activity, return to sport, and return to work long term planning for every patient
  • Joint mobilization and myofascial release as indicated
  • Pain relieving modalities such as ultrasound and muscle stimulation as indicated