Virtual Services

What is a virtual service?

Our virtual services are designed to provide the exact same service at a distance using video technology. 

Virtual may be a good option for new or current patients who are looking for advice, an assessment, or treatment,  but who are unable to visit the clinic in-person due to closure, physical/social distancing, or if they live in a remote area.


A virtual visit can be useful for several reasons:

  • You can ask the exact same questions regarding your general health and medical history as you would in-person;
  • You will receive an individualized program to help you manage your current condition, depending on the service;
  • You'll be able to closely monitor your program and progress;
  • You'll receive advice on when you can return to a particular activity;
  • You'll receive ongoing guidance and support

What you can expect

Each virtual session will consist of a one-on-one between you and the appropriate clinic team member. Virtual services are currently available for appointments with our physician and physiotherapists. 

Expect your session to be similar in length to an in-person appointment.

What do I need?

You will require:

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone with both a microphone and a webcam;
  • Access to internet;
  • Enough space for you to move around if needed;
  • Another means of communication in case you are disconnected (phone number);
  • Also please provide us with an emergency contact