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Athlete Age Eligibility 2020 age categories coming soon... Registration Eligibility  For the purpose of all Manitoba Games competitions, all athletes with the exception of Special Olympics athletes must be under the age of 18 during the Manitoba Games (some athletes in the Games may be over the age of 18). Specific age categories outlining the eligibility of all participants will be covered in the Sport Technical Packages and in the Eligibility Policy.

The Eligibility Requirements are:

  1. The Games are open to all Canadian Citizens and permanent residents of Canada residing in Manitoba whose domicile or actual residence is located within the province. Athletes who reside outside of Manitoba’s boundaries but who traditionally have registered with Manitoba’s Provincial Sport Organizations are eligible.

  2. The regional boundaries for the Manitoba Games will be defined by Sport Manitoba. Winnipeg is defined as one region for the purpose of the Games, but will have two separate teams participate at the Provincial Finals.

  3. All athletes should participate for the region in which they live in. Exceptions may be brought forward by a Provincial Sport Organization to Sport Manitoba for consideration.

  4. Students attending school on a full time basis outside their home region shall be permitted to compete for either their home region or their resident region upon approval of the respective PSO (some PSOs have residency regulations that do not permit such movement of players).

  5. If a participant fails to qualify in a sport for the provincial finals in his/her preferred region, he/she cannot attempt to qualify in that sport in another region.

  6. An individual athlete’s eligibility for each sport will be outlined in the sport technical package for that sport.

  7. Athletes must be a minimum of ten years old as of January 1, in the Games year. This is based on the demanding Games environment including travel, competition schedule, communal accommodations and cafeteria food.

  8. Any athlete, coach, team or official suspended or barred from competition by their Provincial Sport Organization will not be eligible to participate in the Manitoba Games.

  9. At the Provincial Finals, athletes, coaches and managers may compete in one sport only per phase.

  10. Provincial Host Society sport chairs cannot participate in the sport for which they are responsible for organizing.

  11. All regional team coaches, managers and athletes eighteen years of age and older will be subject to Sport Manitoba’s Screening Policy prior to attending the Provincial Finals.

Questions of an athlete/team’s eligibility can be directed to the appropriate Provincial Sport Organization or Sport Manitoba Regional Office.


Regional Boundaries

  • For details and a map on regional boundaries, please click here.
  • For more information on regional try-outs please contact your Sport Manitoba Regional Office.