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Dr. Sawa has completed various degrees from the University of Manitoba and has earned her Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (physical therapy), Master of Science, Bachelor of Science in Medicine, and Doctor of Medicine. Most recently, she has completed the International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Medicine.

Having spent numerous years studying and teaching within the Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science at the U of M, Dr. Sawa honed her great understanding of muscles, joints and peripheral nerves. This knowledge has been an asset to her patient care in the clinic. She takes pride in her ability to describe the nature of a patient’s condition and not only the treatment options, but also the reasoning for the treatment plan. With her background education in Physical Education and Physical Therapy, she feels comfortable providing home exercises as well!

Dr. Sawa has a special interest in musculoskeletal disorders and sport medicine, and has been previously employed within the fitness and exercise industry, working with healthy individuals on prevention through exercise, as well as working through rehabilitation programs, including cardiac rehab, pulmonary rehab, stroke, and neurological rehabilitation. Dr. Sawa has also completed training in concussion management and can provide ultrasound-guided injections.

As an athlete, Dr. Sawa has been involved in sport from a young age, including elite artistic gymnastics, track and field, as well as rhythmic gymnastics, where she is currently a coach and master’s competitor.

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“Dr. Sawa has been excellent, accurately diagnosing [and] referring for imaging where possible. Her real value showed, however, when my referral for a consultation was taking longer than she thought it should, so she followed up with them on my behalf. Overall, great place filled with great people!”

– Nick N.

Gail Sawa

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