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2017 Games Legacy

The most significant capital legacy project for the 2017 Canada Summer Games is the construction of the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre. The 124,000 square foot Qualico Training Centre will feature three fully convertible court spaces, strength and conditioning areas, aerobic training space, plyometric training and testing, and an indoor training track.

The Canada Games Sport for Life Centre will host the Games’ basketball and indoor volleyball events. The three fully convertible court spaces will be transformed into volleyball and basketball courts during both weeks of the Games. These events will be the first-ever major amateur sport competitions held in the Centre.

A first in Canada, this unique and advanced resource will offer new opportunities for our city and our province:

A Community Resource for All

The Canada Games Sport for Life Centre focuses on learning, sharing, mentoring, and growing. From the development of basic skills for kids and families, to the training of Manitoba's "Own the Podium" athletes, the Centre serves as a hub for education, skill-building, and research.

Growing Healthy Kids

Kids in the inner city, as well as those in remote and rural areas, lack access to programs and mentors. Through the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre, new outreach programs serve the neighbourhoods in greatest need. Other schools and youth groups participate in programs at the Centre. For example, our new neighbour, Argyle School, has never had access to a gym. This is a place they can call their own.

We anticipate that more than 23,000 school children every year will be introduced to innovative new programs. On a visit to the Centre, kids can participate in a program designed to provide basic movement skills, then meet with a nutritionist to learn about how to fuel their engines, and wrap up with an inspiring look at Manitoba's great athletes.

Developing Leaders and Champions

Developing a new generation of leaders and champions is a key element of the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre. Our communities desperately need more coaches to support programming and services. Our centralized learning facility provides the best research and education on sport and activity for grassroots volunteers, leaders, athletes, coaches, and officials.

The Heart of Sport Research, Practice, and Education

By bringing together health and education professionals with sport and physical activity experts, we are creating a forum to develop new programs, partnerships, and synergies. Manitobans now have one-stop access to: physical therapy, sport medicine physicians, chiropractic services, massage therapy, psychology and nutritional counselling, and biomechanical testing.

In addition, thousands of Manitoba Games participants, Team Manitoba athletes, and provincial team athletes have access to much needed sport medicine and science research. New identification, evaluation, and training opportunities will move them seamlessly from the provincial to national training levels. This will result in greater opportunities for Manitobans to live their athletic dreams on the national stage.

A Gateway to Amateur Sport Programs and High Performance Athletes

The Canada Games Sport for Life Centre is home to over 60 sport organizations, which collectively serve over 190,000 athletes, 100,000 program participants, and approximately 25,000 volunteers, coaches, and officials.

Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba (CSCM) are active participants at the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre. The CSCM is dedicated to the pursuit of podium performances by Manitoba’s high performance athletes and coaches, and providing services in the areas of performance psychology, exercise physiology and training, career counselling, and development. The activities planned at the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre complements the programming offered at the University of Manitoba.

A Home for the History of Heroes

Celebrating the achievements of others who have succeeded before us offers endless inspiration. Manitoba has a wealth of sport history and achievement that is preserved and showcased at the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame, now located in the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre.

A Centre for Lifelong Activity and Wellness

Complete with in-house expertise, a clinic, education areas, and exercise areas, the Centre is an outstanding resource for all Manitobans in the battle against obesity. By increasing activity and making better nutritional choices, our community can take steps to adopt a healthier lifestyle and increase wellness.

Highlights of the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre

The Canada Games Sport For Life Centre is a 200,000 square foot renovation / build-out that is being built in two phases.  All components of Phase 1 are now open.

PHASE 1 is an 84,000 square foot renovation that included: 

Education and Training Space – Classrooms, meeting rooms, theatre, and conference centre all located primarily on the lower level.

Sport Resource Centre – The Paul Robson Resource Centre for Leadership and Coaching brings together the educational resources of provincial sport organizations, Sport Manitoba, and the sport science and medical communities. The Resource Centre offers new educational programming to sport and community leaders, students, and athletes.

Sport Medicine Centre – The Sport Medicine Centre is a 5,226 square foot facility that is fully outfitted with state of the art equipment that supports a wide spectrum of patients of all ages, for both sport and non-sport injuries. This includes: workplace injuries, repetitive strain injuries, recreational participants, amateur and high performance athletes.  No referral required for appointments with a sport medicine physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, athletic therapist, massage therapist, dietician, or sport psychologist.

Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame – Dedicated to celebrating, preserving, and showcasing the history and heritage of sport excellence and achievement in Manitoba, the Hall of Fame inspires our next generation.

60+ Provincial Sport Organizations – These organizations collectively serve over 190,000 athletes, 100,000 program participants, and approximately 25,000 volunteers, coaches and officials.

New Home for Sport Manitoba and Partner Organizations - Manitoba Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Council, Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association, Special Olympics Manitoba, KidSport, Kids Help Phone, Manitoba Junior Hockey League plus more than 60 sport organizations including curling, volleyball, hockey, softball, basketball, football, and golf.

PHASE 2, the Qualico Training Centre is a 120,000+ sq ft training complex featuring:

  • Training track for sport and community use
  • Strength, conditioning, and testing areas
  • Aerobic training centre
  • Plyometric testing area
  • Multi-purpose area, including three full convertible court spaces, and areas for individual sports, fitness conditioning, and workshops

These features are offered throughout the building. The second floor is primarily defined by its court space....book space. The third floor is our Performance Centre....learn more. The top floor is our Fitness centre...discover more. And our main floor is an indoor parkade open to the public.

The Qualico Training Centre provides seamless transition between training, coaching, testing, and therapy, which is a first in Canada. The sport expertise, fitness, training, and coaching housed in Phase I will be put to use in the fieldhouse to provide programming for local schools, community groups, amateur sport teams, elite athletes and those that live or work downtown. 

When both phases are up and running, the Canada Games Sport of Life Centre will be used by 400,000 people every year on-site and by thousands more online.


The Qualico Training Centre is currently under construction and scheduled to open in June 2017! Find links to photos, videos and more below.

Construction updates and video highlights

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